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Extractor issues....

No intermittent, unexplained failures-to-feed? I've had experience with these malfunctions and it always turned out to be caused by excessive deflection.
I have built quite a few guns in various calibers, but if I have failures to feed, more often than not, it is a problem with the barrel fit and sometimes the magazines...

I reload all of my ammo for competition and range practice, and I always use JHP bullet profiles since they are more accurate... Usually, if a gun will feed JHP bullets, it will feed all bullet profiles....

My shooting buddy got a new STI 2011 Stacatto C-2 from STI after his STI 2011 9mm Guardian had a cracked slide. When we started testing the new gun, he had several issue with failure to feed. I took the slide off and the extractor tension was a bit too tight, so the back of the 9mm case would not slide up the breech face properly to feed. That worked for 2 out of his four mags. He tried two different STI 2011 9mm mags that I own, and no failures to feed. We stopped by my place later, and I went over the two mags that had issues......the feed lips had spread apart too much, and the rounds in the mag were sitting too high... I was able to bend/tweak the feed lips so the rounds at the top of the mag were not as high, and when we hand cycled a bunch of dummy rounds, there were no failures to feed.....
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