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When I ordered some roll pins from Hornady, they did mention a trade in program to upgrade to their newer progressive, but didn't have specifics at hand. For my purposes, I still wanted to see if I could get my old press back on line, and succeeded. I like fixing things anyway.

Reloaders now have basically 3 price ranges to select from when shopping for a press. At the top end, and most expensive, are the latest progressives. Next step down are the latest crop of turret presses. Finally, the old tried and true single stage press is the most economical. New reloaders are always wise to start with a single stage press, in my opinion. Then you're only limited by the dollars you're willing to spend and the labor you want to avoid. Frankly, my old Projector fills a niche between a turret and a newer true progressive, like a Dillon. A little more labor for a considerable cost saving. As for priming, I will continue to deprime, clean and reprime large batches of cases (in all 25+ cartridges I load for) with one of my dedicated priming tools. For pistols, I use the Frankfort Arsenal hand tool. For most rifles, I use an RCBS bench mounted "mini" priming press. Different strokes for different folks. By the way, when I first got into handloading, I used a $10 Lee Loader set, where you primed with a mallet! Man, was that exciting. Three primer detonations with my first box of cases in our apartment! My new bride said find another way, or go outside. Respect the primer!

These threads can go on forever, but I'm out now. Happy handloading to all.
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