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Had a female student last night. Never shot a firearm before. She couldn’t manage the slide on a any full-size 9mm no matter what we tried. She could, however, manager a slide on a Sig 365. She loved the EZ 380.

We did not have an EZ 9 to shoot but we did have a EZ 9 to buy. She walked out of the store with the EZ 9 and is coming back in tomorrow to shoot.

I spent 3 hours with her. 2 hours in the class room. 30 mins or so on the range with 6 firearms. And 30 mins in the shop. After the range visit, there were only two guns she wanted to see...the 365 XL and the EZ 9. Yes....I could have shown her more options but it only gets confusing.

So, my thoughts on the 365 vs the EZ for women.

The 365 recoil is relatively easy to manage and so is the slide. The 365 has three major advantages over the EZ. If capacity is a concern, the 365 holds more rounds. If size is an issue, the XL and the EZ are exactly the same size but the 365 is smaller. Lastly, the XL has an optic mount option. New shooters don’t understand that as an upside.

The EZ upsides are that for those who are really challenged with racking a slide, this is the gun you want. Also, racking the 380 and the 9 side by side, I could not tell the difference. Wow. I would say that the effort to manipulate the slide is about half compared to the 365. Lastly, the EZ both 380 and 9, have the cheater buttons on the magazines just like most .22s. This may seem silly for you guys, but the upside to some shooters is a deal breaker. The EZ is also less expensive than the 365. The EZ 9 Is also easier to find ammo loads with less recoil. Surprised that they haven’t marketed EZ Ammo yet.

The woman was 60 years old. In shape. In fact, I would have guessed she was younger. She was petite and simply lacked strength. As a comparision, she also struggled with the DA on a Model 60 too. She could do it, but didn’t have any confidence in herself with it.

These EZ guns are extraordinary for the right shooter.
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