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concealed carry in a movie theater

There are no legal restrictions in the state of Florida for carrying a concealed weapon in a theater if the owner has a valid Concealed Weapon Permit....whether it is a concealed firearm, a long bladed knife, brass knuckles, etc.

I started carrying a concealed firearm since I got my first concealed weapon permit in late 1988..... The legislating body decides where it is legal to carry a concealed weapon, and also Federal laws.....even if a business/store has a sign that states "no firearms allowed," if it is properly concealed, it should not print, and they may never know. I have never been identified as carrying a concealed firearm, but if I had, and the store mgr. insisted I had to leave the store, I would.....and never shop there again. I have never seen a business or store in Florida with a sign that stated no firearms allowed.....FLA does not allow open carry anywhere in public unless hunting.....

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