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I am considering getting my wife the 9ez because of the easy slide pull. She currently has a Glock 19. But the past few years her rheumatoid arthritis has really took a toll on her and hand strength is diminishing slowly. So it's either a revolver with a hammer (to fire single action) to ease trigger pull of the ez platform. She can rack my 1911's if she first manually cocks the hammer. But she feels a 1911 isn't a good self defense gun for HER. And her being comfortable with her gun is a priority.
While revolvers re simple to use, I find that many of the same people who lack the strength to run a slide also have a hard time pulling the trigger on a revolver.

I would also like to make the point....and this is very important....with proper instruction there are easier ways to rack a slide.
I'm aware of the "across your body" method. But I'm definitely open to any suggestions. The trigger pull on a DA is why I mentioned an exposed hammer so that she could cock it manually and fire in SA mode. Although in a panic situation that could be time consuming. Mili seconds are important. In a semi automatic she would naturally carry one in the chute. So technically I could rack it and she could holster it until needed.
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