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Good intentions aside.

Sometimes reality and pragmatism need to be looked at also. I had just gotten off of a ship in Singapore. I was beat. Four months of running JP-5 from Singapore to the Persian gulf during desert storm. Aside from the grey hairs, I was exhausted.

So I am resting in my hotel room, as I have a night over before my flight leaves out the next day. I am really content to just sit and vegetate in a comfortable chair in my room decompressing. After a few minutes I notice this faint sound coming from nowhere in particular. I ignore it but it will not go away and starts to get louder. So I rouse myself and make out that the voice that is emanating from an overhead speaker is telling me that there is a fire in the building, and all need to evacuate.

I can not believe it but figure that I better believe it. So I go out into the passageway, everything is quiet, no smoke, no nothing. I look at the elevator, but I know that you do not use the elevator in a fire. I am also painfully aware that I am on the 47th floor. Walking down is not something that I am all that anxious to do either. So I say wait a minute. I go back in my room and ring the front desk. I explain to them about the alarm. They tell me something on the order of "Oh sir there is nothing to worry about. Singapore law requires a fire drill to be held every day at 14:00 everybody just ignores it."

Typical Singapore, I expect that this will serve them well. At least until they actually do have a big fire that just happens to light up about say 14:00 on a given day. My guess is that they might want to reexamine this policy at that time. Hopefully not too many people will get fried.
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