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It takes courage to march in the face of hate - is is not for the faint of heart (ask Martin Luther King's niece who speaks to this notion all the time and supports 2A, and POTUS)...The Patriots are doing an amazing thing for all of us in America who believe in the constitution, gun owner or not.

An amazing thing is that so many in the country are talking about tomorrow's even. They get what is at stake whether they own guns or not. I was surprised how many of my friends in the NYC tri-state area know what is going on down there...

BTW, MLK's niece, Alveda Celeste King, was recently at the Liberty University Convention in VA for Q&A where this rally came up as a question for her. Like how would MLK have handled it. She is a very spiritually centered human bean, anyone can tell that by listening to her for just a few min's. She did recommend starting with prayer to obtain guidance.
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