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(Disclaimer: I haven't confirmed, but just heard this stuff. No intention of being an armchair agitator)

I saw on fakebook that the VA legislator was busy passing several non gun laws, while using the gun control scare as a smoke screen. I can't find the post now, but it was stuff like VA's electoral college Presidential votes go to the winner of the nationwide popular vote. The VA Governor determined by congressional districts, not by votes. 8 year term for Governor, ect. Clinton used gun control talk as a distraction to pass some stuff back when he was President. Could be the same thing going on in VA.
I thought this was a gun forum. The rules read "This sub-forum is for general gun-related discussion only. No political commentary or other off-topic discussions are allowed, nor subjects that barely have anything to do with guns or shooting. The only section where off-topic discussion is currently allowed is in the special sub-forum created for site supporters.
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