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Originally Posted by USMM guy View Post
We have had some armchair agitators even here on the forum trying to stir things up that they know very little about. In a fashion that does little to aid the cause.

The law abiding and peace loving citizens of the commonwealth from all walks of life. As also from all backgrounds and ethnicities are coalescing together to send a message that God given rights to all men and women are held sacred and protected against all enemies, foreign and domestic. They are hearing us in Richmond and will hear us more in the coming days, count on it.
Great report in the link...and great paragraph above, this is what the 2A movement is about!!!

You guys are making a big impact and will continue to do so with such unity and scale. You are handling this exactly as you should at this point - peacefully, within the law. There is a time and place for everything, after the protest and lobby phase there will be a time for litigation against the un-constitutional laws which do make it through (and this # of laws will be diminished because of the efforts going on now). Any action's beyond that is just speculation, the proverbial "getting ahead of one's skis", and I'll add for fun to that quote "with their camouflage uniform on". If and when the time comes the Coalition-of-Patriots you have formed will have the ability to further resist as needed and pursuant with your God-Given-rights..
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