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Originally Posted by Bob-O View Post
Their quality is better than some. IMHO I'm well pleased with the one I got for my Glock 45 for RMR. Really tight and the leather seems high quality but haven't worn it enough to see how it holds up. Cheap enough for a good leather holster, if it doesn't work out i'll just add it to the box.
Yeah, guess I'll do the same. I just figured I'd try a pancake for the first time. Cheaper gun so I didn't want to go big. If it's good enough for my Metro Arms 1911 I'll find a use for it.When I get a high end 1911 I'll Probably go for an Andrew's in Cape buffalo. If I can carry this style I'll most likely get it along with a shoulder rig.

Thanks guys. Good to know it's probably not junk.
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