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Originally Posted by Thig View Post
Ga Republicans came very close to losing the Governor's seat this last time, people that care about 2A and other conservative issues need to be more active at the polls.
. We are very active. Unfortunately there's less of us now as the left appeals to the younger generation with all this "free stuff" talk. I'm from a strong conservative family, but my nephew's and nieces are going left and at the voting age. What appeals to them? I have no clue! Perhaps the free college education? Universal health insurance? Idk. It's being pushed and taught in school how great socialism is. History books are being re written from our time. The civil war, the revolutionary war is not being taught. The kids these days don't know what America had to do to be America. They don't know the value of the Constitution! I made sure my kids knew. They didn't learn in school. But I had them study it at home. When they asked about it at school, they were told "we don't teach that anymore because we aren't sure of the accuracy". ***.
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