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Got evacuated from a cinema center. Observations

The wife wanted to see the new Star Wars this New Years Day. I'm always a little nervous about large crowds on holidays but went anyway. After the trailers and about 15 min into the movie the movie stopped and the klaxons and strobe emergency lights went off. A nervous little gal on the speaker said there was an emergency situation and to evacuate immediately. Of course my thoughts were of a shooter. I didn't hear any gunfire but grabbed the wife and made haste. Amazingly people were walking past the side exits that went directly outside and headed back to the lobby. I convinced a few people that it might be best to get out side. We wandered back to the front parking lot and people were actually trying to get back in. Told the wife to get some cover and move back away from the doors. The little show gals came out running and yelling for people to get away from the building they all went to the back of the lot and regrouped and counted heads. They had rehearsed this before and did a pretty good job. The alarms were still sounding when the fire and police showed up. After about 20 min the alarm was silenced and we moved back in. It ended up being an overheated popcorn machine. In the end about 1000+ people exited pretty calmly in less time than it took for EMS to arrive. It made an interesting day. Truman
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