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I shot 48 rounds thru one of my 5" Wilsons yesterday using the Tripp mags and had three F2F where the slide locked back prematurely. I have not had this problem w/ any of my six 1911s and any of my other 22-mags.

The springs in the three Tripps are definitely weaker than my other mags. The 8th round in each of them seats easily compared to the others, and the mags seat much easier in the guns than other mags. I did some Internet reading last night, and find that one reason this could be happening is that due to the weak springs, the round at the top moves from side-to-side and hits the slide stop, which causes it to move up and lock.

I will be trying the mags w/ another Wilson next week and possibly a Baer. If the problem persists, the mags go to the training-only pile and will not be used on-duty.

I have emailed Tripp explaining the problem and await a reply next week.
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