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Originally Posted by TacoBobbo View Post
Really appreciate your thread on extractors. Just curious if you have any extractor data for use in 9's and .40's? Do you still use .010 deflection ? How big should the gap between hook and breechface be?
The concept for fitting internal 1911 extractors is the same across all calibers. The major differences include hook-to-breechface distance and whether or not the claw contacts the case.

Here are the optimum hook-to-breechface distances provided by log man:
  • 9mm - .060"
  • 40 S&W - .065"
  • 45 ACP - .075"

The reason for the differing distances has to do with the differences in rim diameters and the angle at which the cartridges feed. It is important to note that no extractor in any caliber should contact the case bevel.

Optimum deflection across all calibers remains .010".

As for the claw contacting the case, they should never touch a .45 case except, of course, after the round is fired and the extractor pulls the empty case out of the chamber. Even then the only area of the extractor that should make contact with the case is the rear face of the claw.

Most 9mm and .40 extractors are fitted so that the edge of the claw bears against the flat area just ahead of the rim but before the case bevel. For these extractors the case rim doesn't contact the extractor's tensioning wall like a .45 extractor.

Fitting a 9mm or .40 extractor exactly like a .45 is more difficult than just allowing the edge of the claw to bear against the case. It can be done and is probably the ideal way to do it but few do it this way.

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