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If your tastes run to the traditional/historical, I'd keep it unaltered.

But this modification does add a certain flair to a 1911. It has a certain aesthetic appeal, without being ostentatious or excessive. And one can always claim some (remotely) plausible functional benefits under certain lighting conditions ... although I've yet to find this occasionally cited benefit to be really convincing.

I have 1911s with this mod and 1911s without.

After many years, I can say that I like them both, and I still don't have an overwhelming preference one way or the other. But I am glad that I have examples of both in my collection.

Just me, but since I like both "looks", I would not alter a previously built 1911. But for specs on a new build, I might slightly (very slightly) lean towards selecting this mod, especially if I'm envisioning a 1911 that scores higher in the realm of aesthetics.
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