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IDPA reloads.....

As long as there are no threats, meaning all threats have been "neutralized," you can reload anywhere, but if there is any ammo left in the mag you plan to drop, to reload a fresh mag, it must be retained. I believe at one time the IDPA rules stated that if you drop an empty mag but there is a round still in the chamber, you have to retain the empty mag. The rationale is that no one can remember how many rounds were fired to leave one in the chamber, so the only time an empty mag may be dropped is with an empty gun.....so a gun at slide lock is an empty gun.....

Like most advanced shooters, I determine the location where I will reload, and I may shoot extra rounds on the last target in a shooting array before I advance to the next shooting position to be able to conduct a slide lock "reload on the move" if it is an advantage. When my gun is at slide lock at one shooting position, I can usually make a slide lock reload during one step of movement, then concentrate on getting into my next shooting position with the gun raised and concentrating on the first "outside" visible target from cover when "pieing" the targets......

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