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This will likely ruffle some feathers, but so be it....

I used to shoot both disciplines, and in my humble opinion, IDPA takes itself way too seriously, and USPSA shed the 'P' a long, long time ago - as in: there's hardly anything 'Practical' that remains in USPSA. As mentioned by others, both are merely games, but games that should place the emphasis on helping to develop shooting skills under a semblance of 'stress' and not on pretending to be anything else. IDPA is not 'training', and, although not by design I'm sure, its odd rules should help make that point obvious to all. USPSA became a 'gamer' game and an out of control equipment race - where, again, practicality went out the window.

The original intent of both games was commendable, but as with anything that involves people, sooner or later, it goes awry. I commend the folks running the local matches, and not just because I'm one of them. But rather, it's because of those folks running the 'outlaw' events that people who are otherwise reluctant to shoot the established disciplines, for whatever reasons, can get involved and can still benefit from the many positives of competition - without drowning in 'rules' or restrictions, or thinking they don't have what it takes.

I fear Cowboy Action has gone down the same path as USPSA where speed is pushed at the expense of accuracy and practicality. The targets are getting bigger, moving closer and it seems to be all about speed and slicked up guns now. Unfortunately, accuracy is an ever more distant secondary consideration.

While I would never discourage anyone from shooting any of the disciplines, I do encourage everyone, particularly those new to competition, to try the local, 'outlaw' matches. You never know what you'll find, and they might just strike your fancy!

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