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I am almost hesitant to criticize IDPA after getting banned from one forum for doing that very thing. Over the years USPSA match designs became silly and too many guys were concentrating mainly of how to "game" the rules (cheat). Wilson and Hackathorn gave us IDPA. I never understood requiring reloads only from slide lock with an empty gun. I learned in USPSA that you will get better times if you count rounds and never shoot the gun dry. Now I am required to shoot the gun dry? I would rather count rounds and reload with the slide forward with a round in the chamber rather than "hope" the slide stop locks open on empty every time AND never locks open with rounds left in the magazine (I've had both happen more than once). If you shoot the gun dry you will never catch up with the guys who never have to "slingshot" or drop the slide with the stop.

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