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General rule of organization's: As they grow larger and larger, they create more rules, dogma's, and inefficiencies. (And very often corruption and cronyism but lets assume we can leave these two attributes out of shooting organizations)...The only saving grace would be if despite the above, the organization provides enough "value" to the service of its member to counteract the downside.

Never shot IDPA, but it seems like a good org...Shot USPSA for a few year's, yep, many rules, good learning experience though when I was on a steep learning curve for the first several years of shooting. Later on, not the most efficient way to maintain and improve my skills. Efficient means bang for the buck. Buck here means time spent at the range...But if I didn't have individual access to an outdoor multi-target move around shooting environment on my own, I'd probably still be going to the matches as they do add value over just shooting at a linear indoor range. Just works for me, don't claim it is the best for anyone else.
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