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The rules suck....

One rule I have never understood:

When conducting a tac reload, you have to retain a mag with any rounds remaining in the mag, otherwise you will earn a 3 second PE penalty...…

IDPA shooters know there is not more than 18 "required" shots on any IDPA stage design. Depending on the gun division, the ESP and Production divisions allow ten round mags with 10+1 in the gun to start, and two spare 10 round mags on their shooting belt.....a total of 31 rounds when starting cocked and locked.....

I say let the shooter drop any mag at any time with or without rounds remaining in the mag..... it is up to the shooter to decide when and where they feel it is necessary to make a reload.....and if they run out of ammo, they may take a huge penalty on misses or targets that were not engaged.... IDPA is a game....and seldom has realistic scenarios for defensive shooting. The only good thing about shooting IDPA is it may allow good and improved gun handling skills!
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