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What's wromg with IDPA....?

The premise for IDPA is sound. It is an action shooting match based on scenarios that could really happen when carrying a concealed weapon.

The biggest problem I have found with IDPA is the stage designs. Well meaning stage designers often design stages that cause newer shooters to have procedural errors which alienates shooters from the sport.

At my local match last month, we had a stage design where the shooter had to wear their concealment garment, the loaded gun holstered, while seated on a bar stool close to a wooden table top/shooting bench. The shooter had to start the stage with hands flat on the table, and their feet were not allowed to touch the ground....all shooting was done while seated on the bar stool. If I were in a real shoot out situation, sitting on a bar stool, I would get off the bar stool while drawing my gun, and use the table as cover.....the idea of shooting 18 rounds while sitting upright on a bar stool with my upper body totally exposed, is in my opinion, a scenario that would never really happen in an actual real defensive shooting, so the premise of the stage design is flawed.

When the buzzer sounded, I slipped my hand inside my cover garment, drew my gun but being careful to avoid the muzzle sweeping my thigh. Before I even fired a shot, the SO stopped me, and said I swept my knee....! I don't think I did, but you can't argue with an SO that has made a DQ on a safety call, and there was no way to prove or disprove the SO's call.....I left the match quite angry, and was having a good match until I was DQ'd.

All of this could have been avoided by avoiding the stage design of sitting on a bar stool with a loaded and holstered gun.....since the table top was already in front of the bar stool, it would have been best to start with the loaded gun on the table or in a box on the table to avoided any safety issues. Out of the 75+ shooters that attended, quite a fee shooters were DQ'd on the stage, and a better stage design could have prevented this while still providing a good stage...…

When I draw my holstered gun, my finger never enters the trigger guard until I am extending the gun toward the target and at the same time, I click the thumb safety off of my STI 2011 gun when the gun is level and I am extending the gun...… I don't think I actually swept my knee....but if the SO's and Match Director knew it was a safety issue when drawing from a seated bar stool.....set up the stage design to prevent any safety issues and possible DQ's...….it is not rocket science!

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