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It depends really on what your trying to do.

A lot of the sub calibers such as .380 and 9mm have a hard time getting the proper velocity NEEDED for expansion in short barrels. Some don't expand at all in a 4" barrel. However, a lot of the bullets for 380 don't have enough oomph to penetrate IF they open up.

Same goes for 180 grain bullets in 45 acp according to articles I have seen, the 180 can expand into a very pretty diameter, but have shallow penetration. but if that 180 FAILS to expand it has excellent penetration.

Flat points create tissue damage, and bear tooth discovered through testing that a 180 grain swc in a 357 at 1300 fps with .25 meplat will create the same wound damage as a 240 grain swc in a 44 magnum moving at 1300 fps with a .25 meplat.

As one ex told me, its ALWAYS better to bring more sausage to the party then is needed.
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