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Nothing wrong with a civil disagreement or holding differnent opinions. It keeps things interesting, and allows us to learn from differnent perspectives....

Id suggest that a hawk is NOT a stick... in addition to being a striking weapon, its a slasher and a raking one as well. The ability to smoothly transition from one type of stroke to another very rapidly is inherent in using it as a weapon.

I'd also suggest a 24" handle is at the far extreme of a 1 handed weapon, and entering the realm of the 2 handed... look at other similar tools and weapons A framing hammer has about a 15" handle, a 1# sledge is about the same... swords designed for one handed use have similar length handles... those that are longer are inevitably designed as 2 handed weapons. Another way to skin the cat- what other, primarily one handed, tools or weapons have 24" of handle...?

For you 24" may be "optimum", based on what you're used to and have experianced- however, I wouldn't dismiss shorter options out of hand...

$455 is crazy. As high a quality piece as it is, there's other options of adequate quality for a fraction of the price... I did get mine at a discount, about $50-60 if I recollect, which is why it was in the $225ish range. It was also the reason I sprung for it- I wouldn't have at a $300ish+ point.
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