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Originally Posted by USMM guy View Post
So I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that we are both referring to the handle of said Hawk. You using tang, myself haft.

You are correct; differnent verbiage but the same meaning... I'm gussing our differnent choices of word reflects our differnent perspectives. In the context of this conversation, Im envisioning the "modern" hawk- very often a single piece forging- hence the term "tang". I'd guess that you're thinking more traditional, a steel head attatched to a wooden handle... so you use the term "haft"...

My preference is for a full twenty inches or more long haft, 24" is about optimum for me for my arms length. This thread being after all about fighting.

While this thread is focused on fighting, as I've already suggested, and edged tool, kept SOLEY as a weapon is foolish, and my preference for a tomahawk is based both on greater all around utility and more intuitive ease of use as a weapon.

Opening ammo crates, puncturing tires if one is so inclined can of course be accomplished with about anything sharp that additionally gives a bit of leverage. For fighting I want to be able to get the head of my hawk moving as fast as possible for a strike on an opponent. Far greater head velocity can be achieved with a longer haft than a shorter one.

This is where our opinions diverge... I think that "fast enough" for the purpose can be achieved with a much shorter handle, and that "as fast as possible" is both unnecessary AND a detriment to effective hand to hand fighting, where agility and maneuverability are as, or even more important, than sheet brute force. A lighter, shorter hawk is vastly more controllable...

Additionally a tool with a longer length gives you two ends to fight with. There is a reason why you see a lot of old Hawks with a spike on the opposite end of the haft from the cleaving blade. Granted that the Shrikes look pretty impressive and they should for that price. But that non conductive over molded rubber handle does not look all that lethal to me.

Its a pretty hard overmoulding, being struck with the handle would be quite unpleasant, its not a soft, thick, padded rubber... and there IS a small "skull crusher" spike on the end of the tang...
A 24" haft puts it well below the knee if carried at the waist on an average adult male... this is a huge incumberance to movement- unless one is about 6'7"...

Ultimately, whatever works for the user, works....
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