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FN49 Surprise ---- Oh wow.

So I have a prettied-up Luxembourg .30-06 FN 49 that I've mentioned before on here. But yesterday I was watching Forgotten Weapons on YouTube & got a surprise.

It's a show by an auction house, usually about rare/interesting or unusual firearms. These guys seem very knowledgeable.

So the host was featuring FN49 Sniper Rifles of Luxembourg. But he also mentioned serial numbers & what they represent in that contract.

Mine is in the mid-6000's. So per their info, it's in the range of the Luxembourg Military Select Fire guns--------- Full auto!

Now mine doesn't have the selector switch so I guess it's from a batch I've heard rumors about that were converted to semi-auto only, before export to the US. ---------- Wow, ain't that somethin' ? Far out. There it is next to the art I posted earlier.
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