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Originally Posted by DaveVK View Post
good advice above, but great grandma's recipe might not being FDA-safe! Like you've said, good to pressure-can non acid foods according to the advertised recipes (which if not FDA-safe -- they'd get shut down toot sweet)!

Anyway, the "red flag" is of both of your "3-generation's" old recipe AND your statement about drying meats.

Seriously, though, anything like our Jerky (without the use of Sodium Nitrate, et-al) will likely NOT be FDA safe. An advertised recipe requires a bit of butt-covering, especially meats, one having to make an assumption that the least intelligent among us might not be able to read that warning label in only 3 or 4 languages...or realize that Jerky won't be lasting around around my household for more than a couple of days! If I happened to make a big batch, I'll still keep it refrigerated for the extra 2 days it might last! Although I love the end products of my canned foods, I've yet to produce an excellent, for-sure-safe FDA approved jerky recipe.

I don't know the source of the picking recipe, probably from the 1930s...and such things were starting to be looked at then. However, acidics don't require pressure canning, a hot water bath will do. Its just pushing out air and sealing a container. The foods are not conducive to botulism.
Pressure caning of non acidics is another matter.... these are things in which botulism will thrive. This is where strict adherence to accepted recipes is critical.

Jerky- though I make biltong and drowors- may not be FDA "approved"- I've never seen such a thing. Drying meat is only part of the process. Storing it long term is the other. I vacuum pack it daily ration quantities, toss it in the freezer. Same with the drowors.

I also DO use sodium nitrate and nitrite as appropriate. I know its trendy to think of these minerals as the devil incarnate, however, its just not true . A single serving of a spinach salad has more of these evil substances in it that 8 ounce of cured salami... they only become problematic when exposed to high heat...

I don't think you'll find an FDA approved jerky recipe... the best I can offer is trim as much fat as possible, use appropriate amounts of curing agents- vinegar, salt, and nitrates/nitrites . Vaccum pack the product. This will give you months of shelf stability. Freezing it turns months into years....
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