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*wheee* claps.

I'm not being scarcastic, I'm being 100% genuine here.

How much of our industrial capacity do y'all thing we engaged in WWII?


30. 40 , 60, 100%?!

70.. that's all we did. 70.

Don't tell us it can't be done. We won WWII by doing the undoable. WITHOUT REALLY TRYING!

That, right there, is what MAGA is really about.

It's moving heaven and earth, seemingly, without tryinng too hard.

We have everything. Iron ore. Raw oil. Bauxite. Wood. Canvas. Cotton.

We can make anything we want.

**** globalism. MAGA, to its limit, is unstopppable.

To the point that the navy told congress "Yo, enough with the destroyers, really, we have all we need..."

Army did just that with the M1 Abrams. REally folks, we don't need new ones... we don't...

That Yamamoto had a great grip on the situation, twice. We're a sleeping tiger.

And behind each blade of grass, is a rifleman. With a rifle.

WHo gives a **** if it's a Winnie Model 70.... or the M1 slung over my own shoulder as I type this.. or the gorgeous Colt SP1 some of you have squirreld away..

We beat this world into submission, without trying *too* hard (yes, i know, it was a monumental effort... but it wasn't 100% either.... and y'all know it.)

Keep that in mind in NOvember..

MAGA. WE were once an unstoppable force. Until the screeching protesters took over.

My hat's off to the machinists, the engineers, the nurses, doctors... supermarket clerks... that's what MAGA is all about.

This...... is a reset. This is where the left loses.

This... is where we win.
Beware any government intent on disarming its people

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