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Originally Posted by combat auto View Post
One has to do a risk harassment for their individual situation.

Where I live, I have never had a natural gas outage in over the 30 years I've lived here. That is good odds...Even during the Super-Storm Sandy, when the Jersey Shore was overwhelmed with water, and my property was about 1/2 under water, the pilot lights remained lit. And for a several days, folks were having a hard time getting gasoline because they couldn't get out of their homes due to flooding and gas stations were closed. Also, we didn't get much of any commercial trucking to supply gas stations or food stores for several days.

I suppose folks can store many gallons of gas on their property in a shed or something but that has its own challenges. There were some parts of the East-Coast, not far from where I live, who were without electric-utility power for a month or so during SS-Sandy. What if there was a 6 month outage, that is a lot of gasoline, weather you store it or have to find it.

Other areas, where you live for example, may lead to different conclusions, especially if their natural gas facilities aren't as robust like say in a rural area.

BTW, how long does 1 gallon of gasoline fuel your home on average considering day and night consumption, especially with the AC on. Or in another way to ask this question, how many gallons a day or week do you consume during the Summer months to run/cool your house, etc.? (The AC is a big use of energy).
I don't run my generators 24/7. They're for emergency power and sustainment, not trying to live life as normal. It only takes about 3-4 hours a day, from a little 3.5k to keep the freezers good. So perhaps half a gallon there... my 7k needs 5 gallons a day at 80% load- however, I don't need to run it that hard.

During Matthew, the NG was cut off to because the sand clay soil that is the Sandhills was saturated. 28 inches of rain in about 12 hours if memorial serves. Followed by major flooding. The ground was liquefied to a point. This caused strain on the pipes...
14 days without power. I had tk travel up to 30 miles for fuel- but it was available. Just had to get off the X. Yeah, it was a PITA. But it worked....
You brought up a good point- power is needed for freezers. Choose the power source that suits you ...
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