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Food storage

Another thread, related to ammo shortages, delved briefly into potential food shortages. A regular here mentioned getting a stand alone freezer, and I shared some tips based on my own experiences... rather than hijack the existing thread, I thought it may be worthy of one of its own.

I don't consider myself a "prepper" per se, but I do like the idea of being relatively self sufficient for a period of time if necessary. I'm also somewhat cheap, simple, and have space available. So this is more of a larger than normal scale food storage as a "lifestyle" rather than a prepping thread.... its it's also predicated on the assumption that one doesn't want to live on $10 per head per meal commercial "survival" food loaded with chemical crap and that one can actually cook a little...

I have a large chest freezer. Its moderately full, and its contents are rotated through. The tricks Ive found to long tearm meat storage are:

- Invest in a decent vacuum sealer. $150 from Walmart or Costco. This allows for 2 things- storing food in usage- size portions, and increases freezer life. Meat in a ziploc freezer bag is good for about 6 months. Vacuum packed (and prepared) its a year or better.

- Prep meat before freezing. Dry it for a day or 2 in the refrigerator, wrapped in cheese, on a rack over a tray of rock salt. This removes much of the water added to meat, prevents freezer burn and texture damage from ice buildup.

- Buy in bulk or sale/ "yellow tag" when possible. I get pork loins at Sams for <$2 a pound. I cut them into 1-1.5" chops, pack and freeze them. Same thing with boneless chicken thighs. I catch ribeye or roasts on sale, and prep and freeze them. Most of my lamb is "yellow tag", discounted a day or 2 before the sell by date. Loin chops that retail for $10 a pound for $3.50, legs for $3 a pound.... I still have 50lbs of pork butt at $0.70/lb that will become sausage when I get around to it...

- Be organized. Label and date everything. Come up with a way to ensure good rotation. Live off the top layer, and re stock below.

Dry goods- rice, beans, flour, sugar, salt pasta etc... 3 and 5 gallon, food grade buckets, available at Lowe's or Home Depot, are your best friend. Most of these things have an almost indefinite shelf life, when kept in a cool place out of the sun... I usually have 2 buckets of each, using one and rotating as one becomes empty.

Cooking oils- again bought in bulk, kept cool and in the dark. Long life.

Herbs and spices. What good is eating if its bland and boring? Bought in quanty on line, divided into usable portion, vacuum sealed and frozen...

These are just a few of the things I've done over the years... what are your tips and tricks?
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