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Originally Posted by BBBBill View Post
I am an Army veteran (33+ years of service) retired as 100% disabled. Now all of us vets know that does not necessarily mean that I am confined to a wheel chair or walker, but I do have limitations. I am a Gunsite grad as well as having the benefit of some more advance military training beyond the basic stuff that most do year after year (Macridge Road/Range 37 at Bragg, etc). All of that said, I have been concerned with my reduced abilites due to my injuries and normal aging. Enough so that I contacted one of the nationally known trainers (that has occasionally posted on this forum). I got crickets for a reply.....

Now I am better off than many if not most disabled/aged folks, so I am not in as much need of alternatives to the norms as they are. I am convinced that the time to deal with that stuff is now, not later. I guess the trainers are working the most profitable clientele and view the market for disabled/handicapped/aged as not worth their trouble.

Good on you for being proactive, I truly hope you find the training that you are looking for. And, thanks for your service.
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