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Originally Posted by dsk View Post
...Back to the Glock 19, I have owned one since 1992 or so. First I had an early second-gen, then I traded it for a 3rd gen, and finally a Gen4 which I still have. Despite that I have never warmed up to it. All of my mags are as old as the first one I bought back in the 1990s, except for the ones that came with the Gen4. The pistol itself has only a few thousand rounds through it. I just simply can't get used to the square grip, steep grip angle and spongy trigger. But at the same time I can't fault it as it runs like a top. It's an early Gen4 so it still has all the "bad" parts in it that Glock eventually upgraded. I just never bothered to send it back to Glock to fix what doesn't seem to be broken.
Glocks are harder to master as regards accurate shooting, just as fast accurate DAO revolver shooting is the hardest of all handgun disciplines. Too many people want to "milk" a Glock trigger and that never works for accuracy. You need a quick clean press.
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