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I have two Browning Hi-Powers. Both made in Belgium, but assembled in Portugal. One is all stainless, the other is two-tone. They are great guns, but wouldn't be my first choice for carry. Frankly, none of my 1911s would be either. Nor, my Glocks, though, to be fair, they're a 17L and a 34.

Maybe I should carry, but I don't. If I were to, it would be my Canik TP9SA (later generation, but I don't know exactly which.) I will tell you, this gun shoots very accurately and has never had any kind of malfunction. I have many much more expensive, more famous striker-fired pistols, but the Caniks have been the best of the bunch for me. And, no, I have no ties, either personal or financial, to Canik or Turkey.

Given that I own two actual BHPs, I really don't have a need for a clone, but I sometimes consider getting one of the Tisas/Regent Turkish-made BHP clones. I have never seen one in person. On the one hand, people say great things about them online. On the other hand, people talk about work they need to function well, so I just don't know. Perhaps they're like Glocks--perfect, but then everybody wants to "improve" them.

Still, though, I shoot my 1911s best of all my semi-autos. (As revolvers go, I have found it hard to beat my S&W 686-1 and 686-5...)
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