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Originally Posted by Bosbar View Post
Originally Posted by shooter59 View Post
Bad analogy. I don’t think being armed on your property is remotely the same as the scenario originally described..
I was just making note that, when I'm at home, I don't carry my wallet with me.

I walk back and forth from my house to my detached garage, (my man cave, about a 100' behind the house) carrying a gun, without my wallet, I also cut my grass with a pistol in a holster attached to the tractor, without my wallet.

The point I'm trying to make is, I don't always pick up my wallet when I pick up my pistol.

I was just asking, if I inadvertently forget my wallet, (I hardly ever do), and I'm on the street, would a phone picture be acceptable?
Got it, thanks! I’m with you......around the house/yard/property I’m not likely to have my wallet either......but my keys are next to or on top of my wallet. So if I ‘gotta run’, I’m pretty well scooping both with one hand.

As to how well will an image of my license work? I’d personally say it likely could, and don’t think it could hurt.

All other things being fine with regard to why you’re talking with an officer at that point, I’d imagine not actually having a valid lic in your possession wouldn’t have been a priority to me.

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