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Originally Posted by shooter59 View Post
Wow, thatís quite a reach. Iím about as far from perfect as it gets......but in almost 50 years of carrying a gun, Iíve not made that move.

Nope, my ID is next to whatever gun Iím carrying, next to the keys. Too many years with a system I found works for me.

Keys get touched last in the scenario youíre describing. Sorry, ainít that hard.
Ha! It's like you only read part of the post... not a reach and not a hypothetical. But that's OK, saying you aren't perfect and then saying you could never make a similar mistake, says enough.

For the record, I wasn't defending the practice of not carrying ID/LTC/permit /Ect..... but the reality is that people do sometimes end up out of the house without their wallet, (whether forgetful or by rare unforeseen accidents/circumstances) as evidenced by the posts in this very thread.