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Originally Posted by Bosbar View Post
I live in Indiana so, this might be a question for a Indiana LEO.

Say I leave home and I forget my wallet, which I did just Friday. I'm driving and carrying a firearm.

If I was to get pulled over, for any reason, would a picture of my drivers license and gun permit on my phone be acceptable?

I realize it's supposed to be in my possession but, would it be acceptable?

I took pictures of my registration and have my insurance cards on my phone and it made me wonder.
Every time I have forgotten my wallet, I have gone back home to get it. It is that important to me. However, I have only forgotten it about 2 times since I have had a carry permit which has been over 20 years approximate.
I realize if you have gone about 10 miles or more or whatever, it isn't or may not be practical to go back and get it.
I believe the answer to your question is what others have said above. It's up to the individual officer if the pictures of them are acceptable. If I was an officer, though, what I would think is: "sure he forgot his wallet. Does he think I'm lame?"