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[QUOTE=Buccaneer12;13037864]There are plenty of cops doing the right thing that dont get wrapped around the axle about petty stuff. There are also plenty that do. It comes down to who the cop is that has you in the moment. That remains a fact.

That. Just....wow. I guess since youre curious, i did 6 years in a major metropolitan PD on the east coast. I left that, went to the military and have spent the last 10 years in special operations as both an assaulter and a sniper.

You dont get to tell me what opinions to hold, or how or if I express them.

Enjoy retirement.[/QUOTE

I was referring to your use of the word “ cop” which originated in England and is considered derogatory and disrespectful by many.

No One was trying to tell you anything about your opinions or how to express them, I pointed out that Police are assigned Patrol zones and don’t get to pick where they go or the calls they have to handle.

Thank you for your Service. Stay Safe.

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