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Originally Posted by wccountryboy View Post
Looks like a fun 10/22! As a sidebar, have you had good luck with the Remington Subsonics pictured? I've had quite a bit of difficulty with them, and I have thousands of the things... they seem to be very inconstant, some are supersonic, others are so sub sonic that they don't cycle the action.

To return to topic, a .22LR would be at least a second, probably a third or forth gun for me, defiantly not my one and only. I would want a gun/caliber combination that is EFFECTIVE for both hunting medium sized game and EFFECTIVE for defensive use. The .22LR doesn't fit this requirement; while it is capable of killing both medium game and people, it is NOT effective at doing so.

This isn't really true, even a shot through an eye may lack the energy to do enough damage to be instantly incapacitating... not to mention that 25y is NOT precision shooting ranges; its CQB, flash sight picture distance...
Remington subs are The Worst Subs Ever Made.

I've had great results with CCI and stellar results with Fiocchi sub HP's (22FHPSUB).
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