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What a fantastic, honest, clinical review. It reminded me of reading the transcript of an autopsy (and I mean that as the highest compliment). It was based on measurable and verifiable facts, not biased opinion. What makes it doubly great is that you put the "patient" back together, and revived it at the range where you were able to relate some of your clinical observations into real-world findings regarding performance. What a great service you have done to anyone interested in purchasing this pistol, and what a shame it is that there aren't many more reviews of this caliber for other brands/models.

I can appreciate the amount of time you took out of your personal schedule to do a review like this, and it indicates someone who has a deep and abiding interest in his chosen profession - just the kind of guy I'd want to send a gun to when it needs work. Which brings me to a question - what kind of waiting list do you have for re-working a pistol (no fancy custom stuff, just things for ultimate reliability to make it suitable for duty or everyday carry?)