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Originally Posted by Rhyno01 View Post
An outstanding review. I am waiting for mine as we speak. I am a competitive shooter in the ISSF and Canadian Standard or NRA bullseye venues. I do my own work to make my guns, which are ALL Rugers, so your review will be very helpful.
There is a trigger and spring kit available which will be the start of my mods.


And of course Wolff makes buckets full of springs. Randal Fung will take a crack at making me some custom grips. My only hitch is trying to find an adjustable rear site and a plain target type front site. Novak makes a rear site but says some maching will be required which is a pain.
Let me know if you hear about any sites.
Another good place to check out complete trigger group kits is Cylinder and Slide. He has many sets at different trigger pull weights. Excellent parts!
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