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Get'em while you can....

I tried three different local dealers before I found the gun in stock at KY Gun Co. They had 26 Monday morning and unless they were hiding the things they had four more in addition to the one I bought. I made my purchase at around 0930 hours. ($649.99)

While I have only put a box of 230 gr ball (Aguilla) and 20 rounds of 230 gr Hornady TAP through mine (until tomorrow morning) I am in love with the gun. Two fail to feeds due to shooting the thing out of the box on the way home and after that it was eating the rounds as fast as I could reload. The clean finish and tight fit along with the "Made in the USA" on the slide make it more than attractive to me.

Can't wait to get to the range tomorrow. Have mags loaded and in the pistol bags ready to go. I'll have a better grasp on accuracy in the morning although my quick range trip on Monday showed no obvious problems putting rounds center mass at 15 yards. More to follow....