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Originally Posted by Joe L View Post
Joe--very interesting report. I read it several days ago, still waiting for my SR1911, which will be my first 1911. I am new to pistols so I really appreciate the detail and your writing skill. I also checked out your web site. May be calling you for some work later on when I have a little more experience with my pistol(s) and know what to ask for. Thanks again.
You are very welcome sir. Call anytime.

Originally Posted by pj1843 View Post
Hey man I can't thank you enough for this review again, it pushed me over the edge to buy it. And while i have said that before yesterday i bought it(about 650 out the door). Took it home last night stripped it down and looked it over, everything looked really good, but like you said, not a 2k gun. Going to take it to the range tomorrow to see how it shoots, again thanks for the review made me feel good enough to buy it.
No problem sir. I look forward to hearing how it shoots!

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