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Originally Posted by SOX.45 View Post
Very interesting read, thanks for taking the time to post it. I wish I understood most of the specs. Just two questions. The grip screw bushings, are they staked or just loctite'd? I prefer slimline grips and was wondering how hard it would to switch them out? I know I don't understand a lot of the specs, but there seemed to be a list of issues you addressed. Would this model need to be worked on by someone to make it carry worthy? Thanks for the post and explanations.
The grip screw bushings are loctited in with red. A small amount of heat will break the bond. As for reliability, well, while there are things I would suggest correcting, if you read my range report you will see that it was pretty flawless in function for that short test. That being said, I would still correct some minor things if I were going to put my life on it...but then I am a smith.

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