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Originally Posted by Sid Vicious View Post
I joined up Friday nov 1 and tried to post pics of my pistol waited 24 hrs-1 day 2 days and 3 days and then tried again and waited 2 more days and now see both posts up at same time behind another poster. So i tried to delete one and all I could do is delete pics. Then I tried to respond to a thread and was denied. Please help!
There is no set time for you to wait before you can "see" your first post. To cut down on SPAM, this Forum puts every new member's first post in a "moderation queue". That means an Administrator or Moderator must approve the first post before you or anyone else can see it. Depending on where you make your first post it may be seen within a few minutes of posting it, or if you make it in a less visited sub-forum it may take a day or two.

The Forum only allows editing one's post within 24 hours of making it. After 24 hours, no editing allowed. We had to do this because, in the past, some members had posted incorrect or controversial comments, and when challenged, gone back & deleted (or edited) their post and claimed they never said what they said.

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