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Originally Posted by dsk View Post
The last Series 80 I purchased has a really light trigger on it... around 3.5# according to my Lyman trigger pull gauge. That's with the FPS parts still installed. Don't let anybody ever tell you that a S80 safety system ruins the trigger pull. Yes there are S80s out there with bad triggers, but it's because they have bad triggers.... not because they have FPS parts in them.
As usual, dsk hits the nail on the head. I have picked up several series 70 and series 80 guns over the years. Years ago I bought a package of 4 or 5 spacers from the guy who made them. I even talked to him over the phone about them. I had intended to install them in my series 80 guns but as it turned out, all of the series 80 guns I had already had decent triggers in them so I never got around to installing the shims in them. That package of FPS shims in shrink wrap still resides in my parts box somewhere.
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