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Originally Posted by TNIC View Post
Its true what they say, You never know until you ask.

Thanks to all for the great info! This old pooch can still learn a thing or three.

If a S80 ever crosses my path I won't be so hesitant. The standard GI A1 configuration is still my first love tho, being what I carried as a young (and clueless) PFC & Spec 4 Army MP.

I wasn't in the Army but a WWI-issue Colt was the first pistol I ever fired. I preferred the feel of it to my first Series 80, so I replaced the arched, polymer mainspring housing with a straight mainspring housing with a lanyard loop and had the whole pistol, including barrel and hammer, refinished from the original Indifferent Blue to a satin nitrocarburized finish. The photo does not do the gunsmith's work justice, but it looks both more business-like and more attractive than it originally did.
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