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Originally Posted by RetiredRod View Post
The box immediately to the right of the quote box is for when you want to multi-quote. Meaning there are two (or more) posts that you want to quote in your response.

The method is to use the "multi-quote" first for as many posts as you want quoted, minus one, and then use "quote" on the last one.

One more tip - you don't have to quote a complete post. Before you hit "reply" for your post, you can edit the quoted posts by bolding, or underlining the important parts and deleting the extraneous portions. Also, if you're quoting a post with pictures in it, unless the photos are important to your comments, please delete the photos in your reply. It makes reading your reply easier & quicker.
This was a very helpful piece of instruction. Thank you! I've save it to my notes to look back at if needed in the future.
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