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Well guy's, after now putting about 900rds through my SS RO 9mm after the new barrel the accuracy seems to have gone away again, I can shoot about 1/2 the grouping size with my Thompson 1911 .45 that I can with the RO or any of my other guns for that matter, the RO seems to shoot about 4-6" groups at 30'. I added the briley spherical barrel bushing from the Thompson since both have a .580in barrel, it helped but still not as accurate as it was when it came back.

Thinking of trading or selling it but I really love the gun, So I have a couple of questions, it seems to shoot better fresh out of the box and gets worse as it gets hot, is this a normal thing ? Also I can now get a .015in shim (tight) between the barrel hood and breech face, only about .001in when it first came back with the new barrel and bushing. With The barrel in the slide with the bushing in now has some front to back movement when in full battery.

The slide to frame fit is tight and probably the best/smoothest I've ever felt.

So I'm a little conflicted on what to do here, I do love the gun, but the accuracy is troubling and I know that it is easily the least accurate gun I have, should be the best imho. I'm thinking of sending it back to Springfield and have them put in a good quality "match" barrel and do some accurizing on it, or send it to one of the smiths here to do the same. Or just sell it and get something else, but the cost differences would probably be about the same as having it accurized.
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