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I bought a 5" RO 9mm back in 2015 , it went back to SA after the first range trip. The front sight was cocked to the left and it was throwing spent brass back into my face on a regular basis into my mouth area, not good. Got it back in under two weeks, front sight now perfect and the extractor problem fixed, but the ejector was not pinned, I don't think SA does that just because, they did seem to do some magic to the trigger though nice 4 1/2 pull. Could not really judge accuracy with the brass being flung into my face but when it came back it was like I was showing off at the range, blowing one big hole at 15 yds. Not much difference between 115g and 124g rounds. I had the same problems with the factory mags you describe at first and only loaded them to eight rounds but the springs finally softened and I could load them to 9rds. I bought some CMC 10 rd and at first could not load them to full capacity but a few loadings and they work fine. Give the RO and the mags some time and I believe you will see an improvement in the function overall.
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