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Thanks for the input billy, I took the RO to the range today and put about 400 rounds through it, started off with freedom munitions 124g bullets for the first 4 mags and it was a mess, thought it was going straight back to Springfield, it was terrible, stove piping and failing to eject, jamming the slide every 2 to 3 shots, I was po'd to say the least but the accuracy was really good so I switched over to 115g armscor rounds and the next 4 mags had zero issues with them, then I went back to the 124g rounds and again it was perfect, shot great, way more accurate than me, it shot 3" groups at 30ft and 50ft both easily, I love this gun... but the ability to load a full 9 rd mag in the gun still is a problem, 8 rounds no problem, 9 rds it won't load it, so I think I'll just shoot it for a while and enjoy it and if in a while it still won't load a full mag it'll go back..

As far as the 124g vs 115g deal I think it's overstated, there is A very slight improvement with the 124g rds but it's small shooting free hand , maybe a ransom rest would show a bigger difference but I really didn't see it shooting free hand. Did I mention that I love this gun ? By the way the FreedomMunitions ammo worked very well, I will by more.

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