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I just got my SS Range Officer back from Springfield, they say that they "tuned" the extractor and magazine catch and both seem to work. They also replaced the barrel and bushing to address my concern for the poor accuracy and returned the test target as well, it shows a 2 1/4" group at 25yrds rested using federal 124g rounds. The plan is to take it to the range and find out tomorrow, I hope it works, I'm a little concerned that the bushing to barrel fit is still a loose .0015in which is waaaay better than it was and the fit to the slide is also way better. I'm also going to try some 115g and 124g rounds through it to see if it does make a difference, we'll see.

Billy1911, my friend I would have to disagree on the RO being a competitive gun, I think it is marketed as an accurate target pistol which is why I bought it, it's supposed to be a "target" gun. Now do I believe that it is on par with a $4000 Baer, Wilson, brown, no I don't but unless your shooting from a rest I think the differences will be smaller. So if the range officer will shoot as accurately as my ruger p95dc 9mm that shoots 115g rounds quite well and accurately and also my Thompson .45 1911 which shot groupings about 1/2the size as the RO the only time I shot the RO the p95dc was even better, so we'll see.

Plus I got my gear-up stuff today, what a deal that is, it really sweetens the deal. Can't wait to shoot my RO. I'll report back.

On the 115g vs 124g bullet accuracy differences I have a theory where maybe the 115g round slows down and goes sub-sonic and with the lighter 115g bullet becomes unstabile easier than the 124g round does, so it wobbles more, just a thought.

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